A strange time…

First let me apologise, as I’ve neglected this blog horribly of late.  It will however become a regular blog, I promise…. 🙂


Well, I can honestly say that this weekend has been one of the most surreal that I have ever experienced.

As you know, I’ve been waiting for my debut novel, the first in the Worlds Apart series, to be launched.  It feels as though the process has taken for ever, then, suddenly, late Thursday evening, there it was… live on Amazon.

Euphoria, tears, terror and excitement came in waves, sometimes simultaneously.  I was a published author…

I bit the bullet and started telling people.  My closest friends and family of course had known for a while, but all those other friends and acquaintances – well, how do you tell them something like this?  It either looks like boasting, or sounds like a pipe dream, or worse still, it’s doing something they themselves want to do.

Word spread like wildfire, and Friday afternoon in the playground waiting to collect my daughter was interesting.  You could see those “in the know” talking to those that didn’t, and the stolen (and the blatant) glances that came with it.  As a normally shy individual, being the centre of attention was like being back at school myself.  Despite my joy at the launch, it felt more than a little odd.

Then another anomaly – you see although the book “launched”, my publishers are based in San Francisco therefore I haven’t received my own copies.

Mum, however, ordered her copy the moment she knew it was out, paying for next day delivery.  It arrived Saturday morning, and there, in one of the best restaurants in Birmingham, my sister (who’s birthday we were celebrating) presented me with a copy to sign…

So many firsts, and so much emotion.  It still doesn’t feel real.

The “proper” launch is this coming weekend, so no doubt the emotional rollercoaster will begin again.  Don’t get me wrong, I am really looking forward to it, but there are one or two nerves alongside.

Without spoilers for those that are yet to read the complete book, the main location for the story is Kenilworth Castle.  Somewhere I have known, visited, and loved for most of my life.

To celebrate this I have asked a number of friends and fellow authors to write guest posts, telling us their favourite memory, childhood dream, and castle itself.

I’m looking forward to it, I hope you are too.

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  1. Congratulations Andrea, I’m so thrilled for you, enjoy every moment of it you really deserve it!! 😀

  2. Congratulations, Andrea! I’m so excited for you! I’m afraid I have to repeat Limdsey – enjoy every moment if this because you really do deserve it! 🙂

  3. I know exactly how you felt, Andrea. It’s wonderful, but also a bit terrifying. Having said that, well done and huge congragulations. 😀

  4. Time to start sharpening your pencils for the sequel, I’d say. (I’d send a few of those little smiley fellas if I knew how!)


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