Christmas is a magical time…

Don’t you think?

It’s always been a favourite time of mine, I love the smiles, excited children, decorations, and general feeling of happiness that it seems to bring.  Since my daughter was born, it has become even more special.

I could do without the panic that always sets in about now though.  No matter how organised, or how much time I’ve had to prepare, I always seem to be plagued with the feeling of having forgotten something.

Regular visitor to my website will notice a few changes.  As part of the marketing for Book One (“Leah”), I had the pleasure of being photographed on location at Kenilworth Castle.  Those of you that know me personally will know how much I hate having my photograph taken, so the fact that I enjoyed it, and am prepared to share the pictures, is a huge credit to Catherine.  I would recommend her to anyone that needs photos doing, and a link to her website can be found at under links.

Over the next few weeks I am running a series of guest posts from fellow authors and friends, entitled “Castles of Dreams”.  Each guest has been asked to write a piece about what castles mean to them – some are magical, some are gothic, and some quite frightening, but castles mean many different things to us. As for mine, you can read mine in the detail of “Leah”.

The first post is the fantastic Paul Freeman – pop back on Friday 20th December to see his post!

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