Castle of Dreams – Week Two

Hello again.

This week we have a post from my friend and fellow author, the wonderful Katrina Anne Jack.  Kate is a founder member of the Alliance of Worldbuilders, and has been a great help to me personally in my writing.  I am honoured to have her as a guest post on this blog. This is how Kate describes hereself:

“My name is Katrina Anne Jack, but I’m known to all and sundry as Kate. I’ve been writing since I was about fourteen and have finally found my writing niche in urban fantasy fiction.”

Kate’s novel “The Silver Flute Trilogy – Land of Midnight Days” was published by Ecanus Publishing, and will also be released in hardback soon.  Find out more here:

Enough of the factual, let’s read Kate’s post – I know I’m looking forward to it!

From Castle to Town Hall.

I was born, and still live, in the city of Liverpool. Already a city of dreams, the metropolis is rife with musicians, artists and writers. I belong to the latter group and have sought and found constant inspiration from my native city.

 One of the best places for this is where, once upon a time, a castle stood, replaced by the magnificent town hall that now stands at the junction of Castle Street and Dale Street, its dome crowned by the beautiful statue of Britannia.

liverpool town hall

It isn’t hard to imagine what the castle itself might once have looked like, or to visualize its occupants. Originally constructed to protect King John’s new port of Liverpool, the castle stood on a plateau at the highest point in the city, guardian of all it surveyed. Somehow, when one stands and gazes up at the current building, a feeling arises that the shade of the castle still maintains its guardianship over the city.

liverpool castle

Although it no longer exists, the castle still gives me food for thought and a new insight into the place of my birth. So much has changed over the centuries, from medieval splendor to metropolitan grandeur. The thread that binds both eras together is, for me, the motivation to write, to provide fuel for my imagination and the ultimate gift of creation in its entire splendor.


Thank You Kate!

To find out more about her work, and Kate herself, follow her blog

Next week we will be joined by the spymaster herself, the lovely AFE Smith.

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  1. Thanks for the opportunity to expound a little, on the many wonderful things Liverpool has to offer, Andrea. 😀

  2. It was my pleasure Kate. I am ashamed to say I have never been,but am now tempted x

  3. Shamefully, I must admit I have yet to visit the beautiful city of Liverpool, but it is definitely on my list of places I’d love to see. Lovely post. Congrats Andrea and Katrina – such an interesting series! 😀


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