Castle of Dreams – Week Four

Hello again, and welcome back to my series Castle of Dream. As you know, my book, “Worlds Apart – Leah” features the fantastic Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire (yes it is real!).

Leah of course suffers from terrifying nightmares, that somehow seem to travel into reality too, but Castles are not all doom and gloom, are they?

In answer to that question I asked fellow authors to submit pieces to this series – we’ve already heard from the fantastic Paul Freeman, Katrina Anne Jack and AFE Smith, all with very different views on castles from very different perspectives.

This week we have the lovely Lindsey Parsons, who also hails from this beautiful county of Warwickshire, where my books are based, and I still live.

Lindsey J Parsons was born in Stratford upon Avon and grew up in nearby Solihull. She now lives in a crumbly old farm house in a small village in Warwickshire with her three children and an assortment of animal friends. She enjoys reading, writing, horseback riding, archery and looking after the numerous animals that live with her.
Lindsey started writing in 2009, on a complete whim and completed ‘Vortex’ her first novel and the first book in a trilogy called Return of The Effra, eighteen months later. She is now working on the second book ‘Wicked Game’. She has also completed a handful of short stories which have been included in three anthologies.

Without further ado, I shall hand you over to Lindsey, and her Castle of Dreams:

Shrilan Castle

When Andrea asked me to write a post about castles I immediately thought of one of the castles in my novel Vortex. So my guest post for Andrea’s Castle of Dreams Series is about Shrilan Castle.
Castles are just great aren’t they? Growing up we had some great family holidays, my parents loved sightseeing and would look up any local places of interest everywhere we went. Some of my most favourite memories are of visiting castles, they fascinated me. I’d wander off exploring and trying to envisage what they were like before they became ruins. I always dreamed of living in a large medieval castle and I would pretend that they were my castles and imagine I was living there myself.
As a child I loved to like to make up stories and adventures that I was part of and in each and every adventure I lived in a great big castle. This dream castle wasn’t the ruined sort we had visited around the country, but a big shiny new one, with large turrets, a massive hall for feasts and miles of corridors, battlements and grounds. I would picture myself riding out over the drawbridge, off on another adventure.
So when I needed a home for my characters in Vortex I thought of my dream castle and I gave it to Etienne, ruler of Penrithen to live in.
Etienne Shrilan escaped to the country of Penrithen on The Isle of Trees, with his baby sister, two hundred and fifty years ago, after his family were murdered during the Great War that ravaged the vast lands. He settled in the town of Penrith and took it upon himself to rebuild the ruined castle in the heart of the town.
At that time Penrithen was leaderless and the few inhabitants that hadn’t fled the country lived in fear of marauders and raiding parties from neighbouring Camlain. So with the help of the few people left in Penrith, he rebuilt the castle on a very grand scale, so everyone would have a safe refuge when they needed it.
Etienne, being a powerful magus and a larger than life flamboyant character, soon attracted a lot of attention. He became well known as an honest and trustworthy person who would stand up for and protect his friends and neighbours. People from the surrounding countryside started moving to live in safety inside the walls of the castle. They renamed it Shrilan Castle after Etienne and the town soon became known as Shrilanna.
Before long the Penrithian people started looking to Etienne for leadership and elected him as their ruler. He formed a force known as The Penrithian Guards, whose job it was to protect the town from raids by thieves and invaders. In order to accommodate these guards Etienne expanded the castle more and more, until it became a massive landmark.
Shrilan Castle stands on a small hill, two thirds of the way down a wide valley and surrounded on all sides by hills and mountains. It is encircled by a high wall topped with battlements and a deep moat that’s fed from a stream that runs through the valley. Most of the town is contained inside the walls, but it has become such a popular place to live that houses now have to be built outside the walls as there is very little spare space left inside.
The castle itself is built around a great hall. The hall has a high ceiling and a row of large stained glass windows to each side wall. A massive fire place is situated on the right of the enormous oak doors and a small stage is usually positioned to the left to accommodate musicians and performers during the many feasts and celebrations are regularly held there.
Apart from accommodation for Etienne, his family and guests, the castle also houses the barracks for the guards, an extensive stable block, training facilities, offices and a dungeon.
Of course every great castle needs a dragon too, but maybe I should save that story for another post!

Thank you Lindsey, that was wonderful – and I love the idea of dragons at castles too. Hmm might think about that one some more!

To find out more about Lindsey’s work, and her novel “Vortex”, follow these links:

Blog –
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And to read more of her writing, her books can be found here:

Amazon US –

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Next week I am delighted to welcome the wonderful Will Macmillan Jones so see you soon.

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  1. Thank you so much Andrea for having me here, I’m thrilled to have taken part in this wonderful series, it’s been great fun! 😀

  2. A great post! Well done Andrea on this marvellous series and well done to Lindsey…dragons and castles? Surely not! Lol! Yeap, I love the idea of dragons and castles too…lovely! 😀

  3. great guest post!

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