And now for something completely different….

Over the last few months I’ve only really posted the Castle of Dreams series to this blog – I have found reading about others’ dreams, and what castles mean to them really interesting.

It became a bit of a guilty pleasure, as I would read it when it was submitted, and then get to see it through other people’s eyes when it posted and I received all of your lovely comments.

The last few weeks have been particularly frantic – I finished a postgraduate course I was studying (and passed), work has been busy, and my family life is as full as ever, so nothing has been posted for a while.

Imagine my surprise this morning to find that I’ve been nominated for an award for this blog series!

The fabulous Sophie E Tallis, who submitted entries for Week Nine AND Ten, has nominated me for … The Versatile Blogger 

So, here are the rules:

I have to say seven things about myself (if I can think of seven that is) and then nominate fifteen others for the award..

So, let’s get the boring bit over with first, here’s my seven things:

  1. At one stage in my life, I would read more than fourteen books in a single week.  I’m not sure where I found the time, but I did.  I’ve never lost that ability to disappear into a story for hours though 🙂
  2. I once met Ken Dodd , a British comedian, with a love of Notty Ash and Tickling Sticks.  He gave me an award for raising money to safe a local landmark aged 10, and I also got an original Tickling Stick.
  3. If you ever visit Dudley Castle, there is a plaque on the wall bearing my name, and thanking me for raising money at school to help them restore it (we collected aluminium cans in the days when you used to get paid for returning them).  Of course, you’d have to know my maiden name to know it was me… 😉  I loved Castles, even at that young age.
  4. One of my favourite childhood memories is going to visit my Grandparents – Nan and Grandad – on a Sunday afternoon.  Nan would always sneak me a treat of some kind, and I would eventually fall asleep with my head on my Grandad’s tummy.  Wonderful days.
  5. Our first dog was named Lady, after the dog in “Lady & the Tramp” – she looked just like her, and I was four and a half years old.
  6. The first album I bought with my own money was paid for half and half with my older Sister.  It was Michael Jackson’s Thriller.
  7. Last, but by no means least, I chose my University because I fell in love with the Mountains, the Sea, the pebble beach, and its’ own version of a Castle..

I think that is quite enough about me – hey, wake up you there in the back, this is the best bit…

In no particular order (and avoiding fellow bloggers who I know have already been nominated where I can:

  1. Amy Metz –
  2. Sarah Fae Graham –
  3. Andy Szpuk  –
  4. Gerry McCullough –
  5. George Polley –
  6. Marj Macrae –
  7. Hannah Warren –
  8. Will Macmillan Jones –
  9. Megan McDade –
  10. Sienna Logan –
  11. Sullivan McPig –
  12. Amy Sanders –
  13. E. B. Black –
  14. Jo Feliciani –
  15. RoseBuz –

There are many, many more I could list, but some I know have already been nominated, and I’m limited to fifteen…

But, as a sneaky cheat, I must mention the wonderful Alliance of Worldbuilders where Sophie and I first met.


And finally, Thank You Sophie 😀

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  1. A wonderful piece my versatile friend! Congratulations sweetie, a very well deserved nomination. Your ‘Castle of Dreams’ series was simply inspired, but I love your blog anyway. Some lovely memories you conjure up there, grandparents are the best aren’t they? I love your love of castles, isn’t it great how certain things really capture our imaginations as children and stay with us throughout our life. I shall have to check Dudley Castle out! Wow, 14 books a week?! I’m well impressed with that, I always knew you were a brainbox! 😀


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