Where does the time go? An apology…

I’ve realised I’ve been neglecting you guys of late, and for that I am really sorry.  There’s no real excuse for it either, other than the pressures of the real world…

Life has been pretty hectic lately, with work and family life conspiring to keep me distracted from this blog, and my writing.

However, I thought it was time to share the news I’ve been harbouring for a few weeks now…

My book, Leah, Book One of the Worlds Apart Series, is no longer published by Taylor Street Books.  Instead, as of later today, it is published by Rose Wall Publications 🙂

The Kindle version will be available to download later today, but as it has had a major new redesign, and a fantastic cover (which I’m giving you a sneak peak of below), it could be a few weeks before the new paperback is out.

I’m offering signed copies to advance orders though, so if you’d like one, send me a message through my webpage and I’ll let you know the details.

This is a hugely exciting time for us, and I hope you’ll enjoy what is to come.

Here’s the new cover image – what do you think?


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  1. I do like the cover 🙂

  2. HUGE congratulations sweetie, that’s brilliant news! The cover looks awesome, very atmospheric, moody and mysterious with more than a hint of something dark…! 😀

    I’d definitely want a signed copy honey, to replace the other Leah I have. 🙂

    Really thrilled for you honey, exciting times!!! 😀

    • Thank You Sophie.xxx

      • Entirely my pleasure sweetie! SO proud of you honey!!! 😀 xxx

        Can I ask, did you set up Rose Wall Publications through Lightning Source or Amazon? Seeing as I’m hoping to eventually go down the same route this year, any and all advice is gratefully received! 😛

      • It’s done through both, KDP for the kindle version and Lightning Source for the others. I’m no expert but happy to help where I can :).

      • Wow!!! You’re so up-together honey!!! I set up the Wolfren Publishing website a year ago and haven’t done anything with it yet! Better pull my finger out! Thanks sweetie, I may well take you up on that offer. 😛

        By the way, how did you get it formatted? 🙂

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