Chinese say “no”

I’ve known Paul since we went to University, and his trip has brought to the fore many memories of him talking about his dream.

The panic I felt when I heard of the earthquake was, rather selfishly, out of concern for my friend, and then I realised just how massive the devastation was.

Thankfully he is safe, but out of respect for the country, and the Sherpas that accompanied them on the climb to base and intermediate camp, he has set up a Just Giving page, donating to Community Action Nepal. Many of those same Sherpas’ villages were devastated, and it would be nice to think that the funds Paul manages to raise will somehow help those same families.

Have a read of the blog he set up to document his life’s dream, and if you can spare a few pennies, or pounds, the link to his page can be found there.

Fox on Everest

Well what I can say? Some of you out there are looking absolutely radiant – an inner glow, a knowing smile… You seem to have something about you….probably having trouble fending off members of the opposite sex – or quite possibly the same sex?? … The rest you, well I’m sorry, you have that down trodden Thursday look. You clearly haven’t discovered the joys of “CAN”. Want to learn more? It’s a painless process, no surgery is required, no anesthetic either. 2 minutes is all it takes to get that radiant CAN look – that rather warm inner glow and to have a wonderfully smug smile as you stand in that Starbucks queue. Still interested? Then follow the instructions here On a serious note, a million thanks to all of you who have so kindly donated – I’m really blown away by your generosity. It’s a charity really close…

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