I have had ideas for stories, and poems all of my life, and as a child and teenager, many of these were written in one shape or another. 

As I grew up, and left University, I convinced myself that writing was something that I should have grown out of – that these daydreams belonged in the realms of childhood.  For many years I did nothing – I couldn’t stop my mind creating these worlds and stories, but I refused to write them down.

Over the last few years however, I have returned to allowing myself to develop these worlds, and as a result, the Worlds Apart Series, an idea that has floated around me for quite a few years now, has been created.

I am a member of the Authonomy website, and the Alliance of Worldbuilders – follow the link on the navigation bar for more information.

I live in the beautiful county of Warwickshire, England, which is also where the series is based.  The locations – Leah’s Cottage, the Castle and the Abbey are all real.

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  1. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! All the info is here. 🙂


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